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Collaborate with a Stylist

Posted on July 27 2020

Collaborating as a fashion designer

Collaboration Is Key.

In an era, full of fashion designers, it takes real courage, knowledge and probably experience for a designer to stand out from the crowd and get the most eyeballs from the audience. I mean fashion is a playground of paradox: creative and technical; art and profit; local and global. It throws a diverse set of people together to transform a creative vision into something tangible and profitable.


But have you ever wondered how all of these collaborations actually start? What's the secret in their success? And what they’d gain from it?

But first of all, did you know what Is Collaboration Anyway?

Collaborations are both an extremely important and fun part of what we do. They allow us to look at what we do through someone else’s eyes and introduce our core brand message, by way of the back door, to a new, receptive and ready customers. So, you know, a good collaboration is like a parallel journey where two paths converge and complement the identity of each brand.

These collaborations are also a tremendous vehicle to shine a light on smaller, more artisanal designers and artists that may not have the means to reach a certain consumer. That raises awareness by providing them the exposure they need to grow and reach new markets. Also, the larger brands benefit because the consumer is able to see their product through a new lens.

And while creating more brand awareness is important for companies so is the bottom line. After all, fashion may be an art form but it is also a business.  From a pure retail-driven point of view, collabs are great for our industry. They generate traffic to our stores and attract new customers.

Customers will get the ‘hype wave’ generated by a particular collaboration and make their way to the stores of the brand in question, where they will often get main-line pieces. In this way, both brands will end up selling more of their own products “with bigger margins, more awareness, and [attract] more traffic from people who wouldn't have necessarily visited their flagship or sales corner at a department store.

Now, fashion designers are even looking outside of fashion to find their next creative partner to help them expand their customer base.


If you asking me, collaborations such as these seem like a logical next step, while also allowing creative directors to explore new avenues of creativity as it relates to travel, design, and art. Why not have a little adventure and put all those things together!


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